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Gordon Thomas

Gordon Thomas
Gordon Thomas
Gordon Thomas

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The thinking man's James Bond - specialist in secret intelligence and Middle East.


Gordon Thomas is a specialist in secret intelligence and the Middle East. The author of 55 books, published in more than 40 countries and in dozens of languages. The total sales of his works exceed 45 million copies.


Gordon Thomas has been a widely syndicated foreign correspondent and was a BBC writer/producer for three flagship BBC programs: Man Alive, Tomorrow’s World and Horizon. He contributes regularly to Facta, the respected monthly Japanese news magazine. Thomas was the lead expert for a 12-part series on international intelligence for Ian Punnett’s Coast to Coast, the most listened-to overnight radio broadcast in North America with 3 million weekly listeners. Last year appearing on Euronews (available in 10 languages and 300 million households) and Russia Today.  

 He has received numerous awards for his reporting, including an International Television Award and two Mark Twain Society Awards. Shipwreck won the Edgar Allen Poe Award.

Four of Thomas’ books (Voyage of the Damned, Ruin from the Air, The Day the Bubble Burst, and The Day Their World Ended) have been made into feature films starring such A-listers as Paul Newman, Billy Crystal, Robert Vaughn, and Jacqueline Bisset. The Day Guernica Died is currently under option.

Thomas’ most recent bestseller is Gideon’s Spies: Mossad’s Secret Warriors. Published in 19 languages and 40 countries Gideon’s Spies is known throughout the world as the leading resource on Israeli intelligence. An updated edition will be published in 2015 by St. Martin’s Press. Gideon’s Spies was made into a major documentary for Channel Four in Britain, which Thomas wrote and narrated, called The Spy Machine. The Observer called The Spy Machine a “clear” picture of Israeli intelligence operations, and The Times called it “impressive,” and ”chilling.”

Thomas continues to grow his already-impressive platform, lecturing widely on the secret world of intelligence. He also regularly provides expert analysis on intelligence for US and European television and radio programs. He has recently published The Pope’s Jews, published by St. Martin’s Press in 2013 with wide acclaim particularly in the US. Film rights have been acquired.

Thomas is currently writing about the secret resistence movement in Berlin during World War II.

Recently quoted by The Daily Mail as 'the thinking man's Bond'.


  • Inside British Intelligence: 100 Years of MI5 and MI6 (UK Edition) / British Intelligence inside MI5 and MI6 (US Edition)
  • Gideon’s Spies: The Secret History of The Mossad. Also Secrets & Lies: A History of CIA Mind Control & Germ Warfare
  • The Pope's Jews


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