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John Whiteman

John Whiteman

Best known for:

‘Winning Against All Odds’ - John as a Business Troubleshooter has turned around over a 100 companies. He is able to inspire people to perform to their best even when the odds are stacked against them.


John’s success comes from his natural ability to intuitively quickly understand where individuals and their businesses need the most help in order to improve their performance. His hands on approach to his troubleshooting cases revealed that peoples businesses and their personal lives are inextricably linked. He now uses his unique approach, to inspire people to live their dreams and get to themselves and their companies to perform and to be the best they can be.


John Whiteman is an Inspirational Speaker, Author, Business Troubleshooter and Performance Expert. He has helped to turnaround hundreds of companies. His work bridges Life, Business and Performance.

John is a successful self-made businessman who started up and sold various companies from the age of 18. He bought his first house when he was 20 and went on to have a successful career in property.

In his 20’s he felt that he wanted more of a challenge and having a natural ability to quickly determine where people and their business needed the most help he began troubleshooting companies in crisis.

He soon gained a reputation for turning around cases that other people wouldn’t even touch and holds an amazing track record for losing only 1 company in over 100 turnarounds. He realized that he could help a company to turnaround, but for the stressed company owners to perform at their best they needed to turn around as well.

He began to help individuals by intuitively connecting with how they felt and then asking them to take certain actions dependent on how they felt. The results were amazing. He realized that he had developed a way to help people to self manage how they feel and become happier, on a day-to-day basis. This had a direct affect on company performance as how you feel and how you perform are inextricably interlinked.

He now teaches people to create happiness from the inside-out and believes that balance with momentum, is the key to people reaching their true potential and living their dreams.

He runs workshops on teaching the real-life practical skills of how business really works and talks at schools, conferences as well as working to improve the performance of business owners and heads of large corporations.

John has the ability to help people to understand complex situations in simple way through providing practical simple analogies.

He is the author of ‘9 Days to Feel Fantastic’ published by Hay House Press.  Over 9000 people have taken his 9 Element Happiness Test with amazing statistics to support his work.

He has been struck by lightning, caught in a cyclone on a boat, punched in the mouth by a gorilla and stung by a jellyfish in an area he would rather not mention.

Talks and Workshops:

  • Life - Feel Fantastic – Creating Happiness From the Inside-Out
  • Business - How Business Really Works
  • Performance - Against All Odds – Making the Impossible Possible
  • Hotels – Enlightened Service – The Next Level of Service
  • Schools – Living a Life, Living Your Dreams and Business Alchemy – Creating Something Out of Nothing


  • 9 Days to Feel Fantastic – Hay House
  • Breathe
  • Coming soon
  • The Way – Consciously create a Life that Flows (Hay House)
  • How Business Really Works
  • The Troubleshooter – It’s Business and its Personal

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