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Josh Taylor

Josh Taylor
Josh Taylor
Josh Taylor

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Josh Taylor is a self-starting young entrepreneur whose ambitious adventures have captured the attention of the global media and business tycoons such as Sir Richard Branson.


Josh Taylor’s science and technology projects have explored the edge of Space and the bottom of the Ocean, each one gaining the attention of the global media and high profile individuals. His adventurous projects and experience as a young entrepreneur inspired him to create an entrepreneurs retreat in Cornwall where he coaches people to achieve their ambitions and find creative solutions to problems. Josh shares his adventures and entrepreneurial projects through his enthusiastic and passionate talks.


Josh Taylor is a 25 year old, pioneering social entrepreneur with a real passion of inspiring innovation through unprecedented adventures and technology. Through his personal website, he demonstrates an array of impressive projects that have conjured up global attention from international media.

Josh also runs a retreat for entrepreneurs in Cornwall where he and his business partner share their experience and technique to help people do what they dream of achieving in life and provides problem solving solutions to high profile individuals and corporates. 

When time allows, Josh is part of the signature lineup of contributors and has a popular blog on the Huffington Post. He is also a guest blogger for many other notable sites such as

The stage was set back in 2011 after Josh made worldwide news for capturing the curvature of the Earth on film from a DIY weather balloon at 118,000 feet in near Space. The story was picked up for it’s wonderful juxtaposition of low budgets against lofty ambitions, proving just how far determination, ingenuity and embracing the technology of today can take you. 

Following his success, Josh wanted something more, something everlasting. So, armed with his knowledge of high altitude flight and an eye for the absurd, he connoted the idea of Space Art; a project to send a blank canvas and tubes of paint to near Space, allowing Mother Nature to draw up some magic. The resulting painting was featured on Channel 4’s Four Rooms and Josh was given the opportunity to put on an exhibition of the art work and his other projects at a top London art gallery. 

The increasing profile of Josh was then noticed by Sir Richard Branson, chairman of the Virgin Group, who, enticed by Josh’s projects, personally issued him the challenge to see how far under the ocean he could explore.

Josh worked on this project with his continued underlying theme of demonstrating that anyone can achieve their ambitions without the need for lots of money and high level qualifications. Ever ambitious, he became the first person in history to send an amateur submersible to the bottom of the Milwaukee Deep in the Puerto Rican Trench- the deepest trench in the Atlantic ocean - later in 2013.

Josh then moved on to run a retreat for Entrepreneurs and currently works with many top FTSE 100 CEO's helping their businesses grow and finding solutions to problems. The retreat is based at a 15th Century farmhouse in Cornwall and has received global attention with clients travelling from as far as Australia.

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