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Ricardo Baretzky

Ricardo Baretzky

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President of CyberPol and President of ECIPS Ricardo Baretzky is the foremost authority on geopolitics, cyber risk management and counter terrorism.


Ricardo Baretzky is an internationally recognised expert on the future of the human race, global Cyber Risk and Insider Threat Risk Management. Baretzky advises international intelligence organizations, law-enforcement, military flag officers, and multi-national commercial enterprises with regard to their "Internal Cyber Terror Risk Governance" external security policies, and cyber terrorism risk management. Ricardo Baretzky is the current President of CyberPol the International Cyber Policing Organisation and President of ECIPS the European Centre for Information Policy and Security.


Ricardo Baretzky worked as a global threat information analysts and advisor to officials and corporations. He specialised in the conception and direction of operations of cyber intelligence, analysis of terrorism, security issues and geopolitics.

Co-author of the specialist book - Lo Stato Islamico - and frequently delivers keynotes for conferences organised by international and govermental institutions. Ricardo is the President of CyberPol, the International Cyber Policing Organisation signed by Royal Decree of the King of Belgium and the Co-Founder of ECIPS the European Centre for Information Policy and Security. 

CyberPol receives endorsements from major international players in the cyber security domain with involvement from both public and private sector organisations. In addition, CyberPol receives support from law enforcement agencies active in the international cyber security landscape who have recognised the need for cross-border collaboration in the fight against global cyber crime.

Ricardo served as Chairman of the 1st International African Counter Terrorism Summit bringing attention to the growing threat of African terrorism and security threats the African continent faces in the future.

Ricardo was a Keynote speaker at the 3rd World BorderPol Congress attended by 27 Heads of Service, 18 Deputy Heads and 93 Heads of Department, Managers and senior officials.

The 1st International CyberPol Cyber Security Summit was held in Brussels in November 2015. The event received much attention with dozens of officials from the international community. CyberPol with its new HQ based in the USA continues to grow steadily with official representation across multiple countries; including the US, UK, Denmark, Africa, Hungary and Italy. 

CyberPol has continuously demonstrated its effectiveness by sharing undisclosed critical vulnerabilities to appropriate partners and officials, and worked together to mitigate some of the most unique and complex cyber related threats the world faces today.

He was a Key public advisor on the Massive cyber ransomware attack that happened on Friday the 13th Black 2017. The Cyber attacked, was the world largest International Cyber attack that struck 96 countries with the virus WannaCry ransomware cyberattack. In the past Baretzky was one of the first to warn that such possibly will one day become  real.

Ricardo has conducted over 160 Television interviews since January 2016, including MSN News, France 24, World News Today Corporation - WNTC News, RT Deutsch, National TV Turkey, Sputnik Italia, Eventplanner, PressTV - Iran, Indian National News TV, News247WorldPress, The Edge with John Stokes, Orion Radio USA (east to west coast).

Ricardo is a formidable keynote speaker with a wealth of topical information shared in Q&A style fireside interviews. Topics include technology, international security threats, international crisis management, cyber, artificial intelligence, robotics, corporate asset protection, internet vulnerabilities, the future of society, geopolitics.


Fee range:

10,000-20,000 GBP


His ability to attract political strength flows with impeccable standard and results. He stands ethically very high and I can strongly reference for him.

Dr. C.H. LEE, Chairman of the Seoul Peace Prize Foundation, President of Parliamentary Association

I have known Ricardo Baretzky for a considerable time and he exhibits great leadership as President of the European Centre for Information Policy and Security (ECIPS). Moreover, he has the ability and the wits to bring together the transnational members of ECIPS to reach a common goal. His ability to work with government and bring proper perspective are essential. His expertise in the field of Counter Terrorism and Intelligence are always well exhibited during the different summits and media interviews. I can highly recommend him for any Security related issues within the Europe Union and is a great asset to the European Union.

Francisco Jorge Gonçalves, Técnico Superior, Gabinete Jurídico (GJ), Portuguese National Authority for Civil Protection

Ricardo is a forward thinking security expert with a huge depth and breadth of knowledge on modern global security threats and how they might be mitigated. I recommend him highly.

Tony Smith SRO & CBE Former Director General (interim) UK Border Force, Home Office Executive Board Member, MD FORTINUS

Ricardo's knowledge and expertise in his field is demonstrated by his interesting and informative presentation delivered at the 3rd World BORDERPOL Congress. CYBERPOL and ECIPS are able to deliver high level intelligence in the growing area of cybersecurity/protection and we thank him for sharing his experience. At BORDERPOL congress Baretzky Presented CYBERPOL on both the open and closed sessions panel for Police and Law-enforcement officers along with INTERPOL, the Dutch Police and the Hungarian National Police attended by 27 Heads of Service, 18 Deputy Heads and 93 Heads of Department, Managers and senior officials at the 3rd World BorderPol (Border-Police) Congress held in Budapest Hungary 2014 December.

Neil Walker, Director at Torch Marketing; Director, Programs and Events at BORDERPOL; Intl Marketing & Events Director at NS&RC