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Tonia Galati

Tonia Galati
Tonia Galati
Tonia Galati

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Public speaker, entrepreneur, podcast host and author. Tonia has a natural way of engaging with an audience that immediately puts people at ease and encourages great conversations.


As a maven in the Higher Education (HE) sector, Tonia talks about her rise through the ranks – holding senior positions at both Kingston University and Association of Chartered Certified Accountants (ACCA) – finding disadvantaged young people the opportunities they deserve, up to modern day, as director of TG Consulting.


Highly engaging, enterprising, and dynamic, Tonia has been on the corporate and educational circuit for over 10 years, covering wide-ranging and often highly emotive subjects, such as mental health, women in business, and entrepreneurship.

A confident presenter and relationship-builder, published author, and a consummate professional, Tonia has spoken for audiences of senior academics, careers professionals, students, and employers, and for brands such as Legal & General and Enterprise.

Tonia talks about the hot topic of the moment, mental health, including dealing with imposter syndrome; what to do about it and how to believe you’re truly worthy of your position – your success. She even recounts how, ironically, her lack of self-confidence and desire to blend into the background led to her turning down a job with public speaking elements to it.

She also talks about her initial struggles, not being a natural academic during her time at university and then, how she came to London in search of her fortune.

Through finding what she didn’t want to do, she found exactly what she did want to do and that her forte lay in helping others – young people – achieve their aspirations.

And Tonia opens up about the lifestyle that led her to a breakdown; working 14-hour days and not sleeping. She talks about what it’s like to lose control and suffer from clinical depression and anxiety, what it’s like to have your world fall apart, how employers don’t always understand mental health issues, but also what it’s like to reflect on life and bounce back. Tonia’s story has a happy ending and she tells of the importance of having a support network – family and friends – who can cheer you on and prop you up.

Having reached the dizzy heights of Head of Employment Engagement, Tonia tells how she ‘ripped the support blanket out from underneath herself and went it alone’, setting up TG Consulting, with the aim of reaching as many young people as possible.

Proud to be a woman in business, Tonia talks about the barriers she’s faced along the way and what it’s like to smash that glass ceiling, pursue your goals, and not stop until you reach them – achieving through passion, commitment, and sheer hard work.

Tonia’s speaking style is warm, human, natural and she has been described as ‘inspiring many with her knowledge and experience, coupled with an open and honest style of presenting - keynote, interviewing and facilitating discussion and chairing conferences and debates.


  • Nurturing mental health
  • Finding your strengths and resilience
  • Overcoming barriers and coping under pressure
  • Embracing challenges
  • Empowering women in business
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Leadership, management and teamwork
  • Imposter syndrome
  • Social mobility and societal impact


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