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Alan Moore

Alan Moore
Alan Moore
Alan Moore

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Alan Moore is best known for changing the way people understand and think about the world, and how their businesses thrive in that world.


Alan Moore helps create and design unique and outstanding customer experiences that deliver high yield commercial returns. In essence Alan helps craft beautiful businesses. He is particularly valuable when working with organisations that are at a critical inflection point, when they are paying close attention to transformation, change, and disruption. Or need to communicate that to their stakeholders in a credible way.


Alan Moore has designed and created everything from books to businesses. His life mission is to make every business on the planet as beautiful as they can possibly be. He shares his vision by creating cultures of internal learning for his clients, helping them successfully bring the right energy and focus into their business. Beauty is not dependent on style, but on truth. Beautiful Businesses are proven to be attractive to employees, buyers and investors. They are profitable. And they are loved. 

Alan has worked on six continents, sharing his knowledge in the form of board and advisory positions at companies such as Hewlett Packard, Microsoft and Coca Cola. He runs thought provoking workshops and speaks internationally to a diverse audience including a number of Fortune 100 companies. Alan also lectures in institutions as wide ranging as MIT and Reading University, Sloan School of Management and INSEAD.

Working at the intersection between design, technology and business, Alan possesses a unique grasp on the changes that are reshaping our world. Described as lovingly disruptive, Alan offers his clients a viable creative vision of what their businesses can become whilst keeping them honest and true to core values. 

Known as a visionary thinker and thought leader, a talk by Alan brings great insight through his extensive knowledge, research and wisdom. You are literally tapping into the main frame. A provocative and inspiring speaker, Alan helps any audience understand the forces reshaping our world. People leave with a shifted perspective; energised and ready to make change.

The author of four books including his international best sellers 'No Straight Lines: Making sense of our nonlinear world' (2011) and 'Do Design: Why beauty is key to everything' (2016), Alan has spoken at the inspirational not for profit ideas festival the 'Do Lectures', at SXSW, the Hay Literary Festival, MoMA in Shanghai and The London Design Festival.

His work has featured in UK and international media such as, The BBC, The Guardian, Latin Americas HSM, The Huffington Post, Stanford Social Innovation Review, Elle, Grafik and Its Nice That.

Alan still works as an artist. He tries everyday to lead a life as beautifully as he possibly can.

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There are indeed “no straight lines” when it comes to dealing with the challenges of our highly complex and interconnected world. With a critical, creative, and passionate voice, Alan writes about how we can create high performance organizations that are not based on the industrial models of a bygone age, but designed around how we as humans thrive – through shared common purpose and supporting collaborative cultures.

Roland Deiser, Director, Center for the Future of Organization

Anyone worried about where business is going in today’s chaotic world – and everyone concerned with where it should be going – must read No Straight Lines. Alan Moore has captured what is happening, but more importantly provides prescriptions for what individuals, companies, and society should do about it to create a better world.

B Joseph Pine II, Co-author, The Experience Economy and Infinite Possibility

In the moments between watching and re-watching the Olympic Opening Ceremony in the past 48 hours, I’ve been reading No Straight Lines: Making Sense of Our Non-Linear World by Alan Moore. Alan presents the current array of economic and social problems as a kind of design challenge, where what is being redesigned is the organisation of society as a whole. Insanely ambitious, but I rather like that. In sum: “Imagine the impossible, then create it.’ Our hero Danny Boyle creator of the Olympic ceremony would agree."

Diane Coyle, OBE; Vice Chairman BBC Trust; Economist; author of The Economics of Enough: How to Run the Economy as If the Future

Alan Moore is a visionary. While the rest of us are busy looking down at the road, Alan is looking up ahead. He sees that the lamp posts are going around to the right. He sees it miles before we all see it. But its one thing seeing it. And it’s another to know what it means. And that’s what makes Alan Moore so special. He is Britain’s interpreter for the future.

Dave Hieatt, Co-founder The Do Lectures and Hiut Denim