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Technology and Social Media Feature Strongly in Rio 2016

Over the four years since the London Olympic Games, technology has rapidly changed the way we experience sport. Technological advances do not only help run the event smoothly and get fair results, but also engage the audience like never before.

Indeed, the interactive nature of social media platforms allows athletes to share backstage photos from various sport events and also allowed spectators to be more involved with their favourite players. According to the official Olympics website, this year’s games will stand out with the introduction of underwater lap counters, cutting-edge GPS technology and even broadcasting the opening/closing of the Games in Virtual Reality (VR)

With the Rio Games around the corner, many corporations worldwide have started to organize sporting events or show their support on social media Our team at Atlantic Speaker Bureau is also passionate about the upcoming Olympics and cannot help but wonder how the Rio Games plan to surprise us this year. 

We love how the Olympic games always seem to remind people how important it is to STAY ACTIVE, CHALLENGE YOURSELF AND BE BETTER AT WHAT YOU DO.

So, in the spirit of the upcoming games, here is our Olympic Games Buzzword Bingo:

Opening Ceremony Friday 5th August 2016