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At the Atlantic Speaker Bureau, we know how to turn a potentially daunting process into something really special. Our mission is to ensure that communicating with your people, your peers or your customers is an inspirational and uplifting experience. Over 25 years experience has taught us that the best speaker selection and content creation is crucial to a well-received event and the achievement of your ambitions.

The positive impact on your business will be priceless if you embrace our process.

We believe we can provide a better way to create engaging and relevant event content as well as source the best and most credible personalities and business leaders to deliver your messages more powerfully.

We aim to achieve a 100% REFERRAL RATE

Beyond a Bureau

Many speaker-sourcing agencies will simply provide you with access to a database, offering a finding service only, without adding anywhere enough value during the process.

The Atlantic Speaker Bureau will provide you with a unique client services experience that we guarantee will meet your objectives from intricate consultation and relevant content creation through to careful speaker management.

This website will help you through your thought process, show you what you will experience from us, as well as provide you with some reference points.


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