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Beyond a Bureau

Integration Is The Key

Our aim is to provide a completely integrated service, from needs assessment and event management through to speaker selection and care - this is where you will find a difference in approach and experience effortless delivery.

Whether you are looking to instigate change, motivate your people, host a bespoke event or simply give your annual conference a little more oomph, our speaker network is unrivalled and our attention to detail legendary.

Going Beyond

Many speaker-sourcing agencies will simply provide you with access to a database, offering a finding service only, without adding anywhere enough value during the process.

The Atlantic Speaker Bureau will provide you with a unique client services experience that we guarantee will meet your objectives from intricate consultation and relevant content creation through to careful speaker management.

Chemistry: select the best speaker for the task

Whether you are a conference virgin or a veteran, speaker selection can be a daunting prospect.

Speaker chemistry, engaging content and tone-of-voice are all synonymous with successful communication. All of these must be perfectly in-sync with your brand and your mission.

Use us to help you through a speaker selection thought process

Once selected, your chosen speaker will need to be well briefed, mentored and choreographed, without compromising his or her natural delivery style.

Correlation: engage with your audience

Never forget, content is king!

Your event or forum will live or die based on it’s impact at the time and the positive talkability its creates afterwards. At this stage, your audience may have limited bandwidth and success will be measured on the power of the messages that are embraced – then lived and breathed by your delegates. So the emphasis must be on crisp, clear and concise delivery.

Let us help you get to grips with your objectives, key messages and what you want your people to think, feel and do as a result of attending your event.

We Aim to Achieve a 100% Referral Rate

At The Atlantic Speaker Bureau, we know how to turn a potentially daunting process into something really special. Our mission is to ensure that communicating with your people, your peers or your customers is an inspirational and uplifting experience. Over 18 years experience has taught us that the best speaker selection and content creation is crucial to a well-received event and the achievement of your ambitions.

The positive impact on your business will be priceless if you embrace our process.

We believe we can provide a better way to create engaging and relevant event content as well as source the best and most credible personalities and business leaders to deliver your messages more powerfully.


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