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Azeem Azhar

Azeem Azhar
Azeem Azhar
Azeem Azhar
Azeem Azhar
Azeem Azhar

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Azeem Azhar is an award-winning entrepreneur, analyst, strategist, investor, influencer and curator of Exponential View as well as a Senior Advisor in Artificial Intelligence to the CTO of Accenture.


Azeem Azhar is the writer of Exponential View which concentrates primarily on technology, business models, the political economy and society. Azeem is also the Senior Adviser in Artificial Intelligence to the CTO of Accenture and a member of the World Economic Forum's Global Futures Council on Digital Economy & Society.


Azeem Azhar is a strategist, analyst, product entrepreneur, influencer and writer with a passion for all things technological. Azeem is also the Senior Advisor of Artificial Intelligence to the CTO of Accenture, a member of the World Economic Forum's Global Futures Council on Digital Economy & Society, Advisory Member of HFS Research and Advisor to CognitionX.

Azeem runs the very popular newsletter on the societal implications of technology called Exponential View which has garnered more than 30k subscribers including investors, academics, and journalists around the world. Up to recently Azeem was also the Vice President at the global media company Schibsted Media Group.

Previously, Azeem has been an award-winning entrepreneur, backed by VC, with a successful exit; an investor in many tech startups, especially in the AI sector; held corporate strategy roles at Reuters and the BBC. Azeem has spoken on TV and radio (BBC, Sky, CNN, amongst others), FT Columnist and lectured or spoken at LBS, Harvard, TechCrunch, WHU Founders Conference, Medialaan, Deutsche Telekom, Vodafone, Oracle and dozens of other places. 

The early part of Azeem’s career took him to journalism, where he held corporate roles at Reuters and the BBC, and served as an editor at The Guardian and The Economist

Azeem founded PeerIndex in 2010 where they applied machine learning to large-scale social media graphs to make predictions about web users. Brandwatch acquired PeerIndex in 2014.

Previously, Azeem has been an award-winning entrepreneur and an investor in many technology startups, especially in the Artificial Intelligence sector. Azeem speaks on television and radio (BBC, Sky, CNN amongst others) and has lectured or spoken at London Business School, Harvard, Techcrunch and dozens of other places.

In 2017 Azeem was accepted onto the editorial board of the Harvard Business Review and from March 2018 Azeem was appointed as a member of Cairncross Commission for Press Sustainability, acting as an advisor on the future of high quality journalism.

Azeem was named in the Top 10 must-know Influencers driving the business conversation in the UK and beyond by LinkedIn November 2018.

Topic Areas: 

  • Artificial Intelligence and Robotics
  • Digital Ethics
  • Society and Trust
  • The Regulation of Technology
  • Locating People with Technology
  • The Future of Computing
  • Cryptocurrency
  • Business, Commerce and Enterprise
  • Digital Transformation
  • Philosophy and Ethics
  • Technology and Humanity
  • Work, Jobs and Employment and the Future

Weekly Publications: The Exponential View and Brilliant Minds on the Future

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While populist politicians lower the standards of public discourse and cynically ignore science and shun data-driven debate, Azeem reminds us each week in Exponential View what the curious mind can learn.

Tom Glocer, Former CEO of Thomson Reuters

The juiciest source I know for what’s new in the world of artificial intelligence, biotech, and the near future.

Kevin Kelly, Senior Executive Editor at Wired Magazine

Still blown away by Azeem's newsletter. Excellent and useful aggregation of AI and 'exponential tech' news.

Mike Butcher, Editor-at-large at TechCrunch

Azeem's talk on the the impact of artificial intelligence on humanity was a captivating blend of history, philosophy and technology.

Ciaran O'Leary, General Partner Blueyard Capital, Berlin

Azeem delivered a high-energy, authoritative overview of artificial intelligence that hit the sweet spot for our audience.

Andrus Virg, Director, Estonian Space Office

Azeem delivered a knowledgeable presentation on artificial intelligence to a demanding audience. He brought humour and in-depth understanding to this key topic.

Neil Murray, NordicNext

Azeem Azhar delivered a riveting talk on exponential change and what it means for global business. He left us inspired and ready to act.

Lars Silberbauer, Senior Global Director at LEGO Group