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Dr. Florence Eid-Oakden

Florence Eid-Oakden
Florence Eid-Oakden
Florence Eid-Oakden

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Dr. Florence Eid-Oakden is a leading economic expert in the MENA region.


With a wealth of experience and an unparalleled depth of research into the macroeconomic and the geopolitical landscape of the MENA region, Dr. Florence Eid-Oakden is highly sought-after by audiences eager to benefit from her considerable expertise. An accomplished speaker, Eid-Oakden's presentations are seamlessly put together. Her messages are powerful and effective, delivered in her personal and highly professional style. She presents in English, Arabic, French and Spanish.


Dr. Florence Eid-Oakden is the CEO and Chief Economist of Arabia Monitor. She has been a professor of economics and finance at the American University of Beirut and a visiting professor at INSEAD and HEC Paris.

Formerly head of MENA research at JP Morgan, Eid-Oakden has also worked with the World Bank on Latin America & North Africa and on the buy side as a hedge fund investment professional. She serves on the Board of Directors for the Arab Banking Corporation International Bank in London and in Jordan, the Arab Bankers Association of North America in New York, and sits on the Advisory Council of the Al Faisal University College of Business, Saudi Arabia.She has also served as a Trustee of the American University in Paris, and a Director of Shuaa Capital in Dubai.

Dr. Eid-Oakden received her Ph.D. in Organization Economics from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) with a joint MIT-Harvard Doctoral Committee.

Dr. Eid-Oakden is usually nominated the best speaker of the session/conference. In February 2017, she was on a panel speaking on Sino-MENA trade and investment relations and was voted the best speaker of the session, with 54% of the total, with the next person down at 27% and the third person at 19%.

Tap into unparalleled depth of research on MENA trends

  • The region is facing changes irreversibly through the deal with Iran.  How the Arab countries adjust and accommodate to these changes, plus the fiscal exigencies of lower oil prices, is going to be key to both business and stability in the region going forward.
  • How will the 170M strong North African engine of growth & investment  reignite, post-Arab Spring
  • Islamic finance, a perfect fit for infrastructure investment in the region?
  • As growth in trade & investment shift eastward, are we witnessing a resumption of the centuries-old Silk Route between MENA and China?
  • Suffering from the highest rate of youth unemployment worldwide, could entrepreneurship become a game-changer for MENA labour markets? 
  • In the GCC countries alone, there are over 3,500 Ultra High Net Worth individuals (UHNW) with a combined wealth of ~ USD 625B, establishing a large and sophisticated family office sector. What are the opportunities and characteristics of this growing sector?

Some of her recent engagements include:

  • The Middle East Today: What is exceptional and what isn’t?
  • Risks and opportunities of doing business in the Middle East
  • The low oil price environment: A rite of passage toward more responsive economic management in the GCC?
  • Iran’s return to global markets will present regional economic challenges and opportunities. What about its politics?
  • China’s New Silk Road will transform trade and investment patterns. Who benefits most?
  • Islamic finance, a perfect fit for infrastructure investment in the region?
  • Suffering from the highest rate of youth unemployment worldwide, could entrepreneurship become a game-changer for MENA labour markets?
  • How are markets adjusting to and accommodating lower oil prices? Has there been a cyclical pick-up in other commodity prices?
  • Assessing the impact of Iran on regional geopolitical trends, what are the implications of the Trump presidency for the Iran nuclear deal?

She is fluent in Arabic, English, French and Spanish.

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I liked the way Dr. Eid handled some difficult questions, and the way she allowed a more interactive format than many more formal conferences.

Eric Cheung, Senior Associate, Pantheon Capital

Professional, informative, timely.

Nofal Barbar, former CEO, Arab Banking Corporation International Bank