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Hayley Barnard

Hayley Barnard
Hayley Barnard
Hayley Barnard

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Hayley Barnard is the Managing Director and Diversity Strategist at MIX Diversity Developers Ltd.


Hayley Barnard is a prominent keynote speaker, consultant and trainer to top-level executives throughout the UK and Europe. She is a subject matter expert on Diversity and Inclusion, Inclusive Leadership and Unconscious Bias. She advises boards of corporations on how they can become more profitable and innovative through inclusion of diversity.


Hayley is a prolific keynote speaker providing entertaining and inspirational speeches for company conferences, annual meetings and associations. Her aim is always to be highly practical and demonstrate that everyone can immediately make an impact on how inclusive their place of work is through a number of small actions. 

Having in originally trained in Marketing & Communications, and the founder of three successful companies, Hayley Barnard approaches the area of Diversity & Inclusion with a fresh, future oriented approach.  She believes that it's essential for businesses to build inclusive leadership and diverse workforces in order to future proof themselves and to achieve competitive advantage.

Hayley's experience in the field ranges from designing inclusive leadership online training sessions through to board level briefings and senior leadership training for FTSE100 companies.  Her client list includes global brands such as T-Systems, Diageo, BAE Systems, Lloyds and Babcock.

Hayley's most popular keynotes are:


Developing leaders to be more inclusive in their leadership and management style is essential for any organisation that wants to see significant progress in diversity and inclusion (D&I). Yet many leaders have D&I fatigue – they either see it as not their problem or that it is simply concerned with positive discrimination, specifically around gender and ethnicity. They don’t have a good understanding of why inclusion is good for them and good for business or what they should do about it. This session aims to address that.

  • Using inspiring ‘best practice’ stories combined with the latest research, Hayley will cover:
  • How D&I can help drive innovation and business results;
  • Why mega trends in diversity of markets, talent, customers, risk and ideas require a collaborative and inclusive response.
  • How inclusion and collaboration can be a fundamental driver of one’s leadership style;
  • What does inclusive leadership look like? How to future proof your leadership.
  • What the barriers to inclusion are (such as unconscious bias) and what you as a leader can do to mitigate their impact.
  • How you can shape, take ownership of, and be a role model for your organisation’s D&I strategy.


Suitable for senior executives and people managers, this session (deliverable in person or via Webex) helps leaders appreciate the solid business case for a more collaborative and inclusive style of leadership. Leaders explore ‘what’s it like to be on the other side of you?’ Traits of an inclusive leader are shared and used to inform what actions or small changes need to be made in leadership style that could have a significant impact on inclusion and drive diversity.

  • Diversity is a reality but inclusion is a choice and therefore requires action.
  • An updated model of leadership - leading from the centre – tapping into the wisdom of the crowd.
  • Traits of an inclusive leader: Collaboration/Cognizant of Bias/Curious
  • Various exercises to help delegates to explore current leadership style in relation to inclusion.
  • Small changes, big impact to build inclusion via delegates’ communication style / recruitment practices / how meetings are run / mentoring / sponsorship / innovation / customer & supplier interaction.


A light-hearted introduction to unconscious bias which works well for general sessions in a full company conference as it appeals to all levels of employees.

  • What is unconscious bias;
  • Why and how we all have them;
  • How they can conflict with who we are and how we want to be;
  • How we can catch ourselves being unconsciously biased;
  • Actions we can take to outsmart bias. 

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Hayley spoke to our senior leaders from across Europe about diversity and inclusive leadership. She worked with us to understand our challenges and helped us shape the session so we managed to effectively change our conversation around diversity and inclusion. The content was superbly tailored to our requirements with relevant case studies. Hayley’s delivery style and clarity of messaging made it very easy for our many non-native English speakers to not only understand the information but actively engage in the following discussions. Her contribution was described as “inspiring”.

David Bryson, Chief Operating Officer, Uniper.

Hayley came to talk with our Diversi-T network about unconscious bias. Hayley‘s knowledge, passion and style really struck a cord with us and she has since returned to T-Systems to do some more in depth work with our board of directors and present to all our people managers on unconscious bias and how recongising and understanding its impact can be used to instigate positive change in our organisation.

Jake Attfield. HR Director, T-Systems

Hayley provided a comprehensive briefing to our Executive Board, immediately setting the room at ease with her engaging and personable manner. The directors found the session and exercises insightful, and discussion flowed freely and openly. The impact has been immediate, with our first female Board appointment, a revised approach to recruitment (leading to us hiring a female developer), and a revised flexible working policy. Hayley's contribution was vital - she demonstrated that Diversity and Inclusion isn't an HR issue but a company-wide opportunity.

Amanda Cherry, Director of HR, Aspect Capital