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Jim Kerr

Jim Kerr

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James M. Kerr is one of today’s foremost thinkers on culture transformation, leadership and organisational design. Jim is an Inc. magazine columnist and a regular contributor at


James Kerr lectures internationally on Vision Storytelling and how to effectively align an organization’s culture with its vision for the future. He is known for his straight-talking style and ability to teach and inspire. He has authored several business books, including the popular: It’s Good To Be King: A Leadership Fable for Everyday Leaders (2017).


James is a long-time management consultant who specializes in leadership coaching, strategic planning and business culture transformation. His clients comprise many discussed in the book including: The Home Depot, General Dynamics and Mitsui Sumitomo, to name a few.

It is his strong dedication to research and study that enables Jim to continue to develop and deliver cutting-edge solutions to his clients, like the strategies necessary to become indispensable.

Jim's publications include:

  • The IRM Imperative (1990, Wiley Professional Computing)
  • Inside RAD (1994, McGraw-Hill)
  • The Best Practices Enterprise (2006, J. Ross Publishing)
  • The Executive Checklist (2014, Palgrave Macmillan)
  • It's Good To Be King (2017, Executive books)

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