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Marty Wilson

Marty Wilson
Marty Wilson
Marty Wilson
Marty Wilson
Marty Wilson

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Marty Wilson is a former Australian Comic of the Year who has interviewed over 1,000 inspirational people for his bestselling book series.


Marty’s keynotes and workshops are rammed full of scientific knowledge and takeaway tips and strategies, but they are delivered with countless hilarious stories that can keep even the most cynical audience on side.


Marty Wilson isn’t just the funniest speaker you’ll hear this year, he has developed a systematic process – based on mountains of scientific research and interviews with over 1,000 inspirational people – to teach your people how to use humour to short-circuit their inbuilt fears and anxieties about change and sales, leaving them able to think more clearly, stay solution focused and perform at their best.

Marty has spent his entire professional life studying fear, partly because he was a fulltime Stand Up Comic for 8 years in the UK (nobody knows how to deal with terror like an Aussie Comic performing to the Brits!), but also because he is a relentless entrepreneur who has leapt from one successful career to another – he’s a Pharmacist turned Award-Winning Advertising Copywriter turned Stand Up Comic turned Bestselling Author and Speaker/MC. He has spoken to over 380,000 people since he first leapt up on stage in 1997. In his first 12 months Marty won Australian Comic of the Year, and was invited to the UK to become a full time Stand Up. He returned home 2007 and now helps people and businesses conquer their fear of change.

Marty’s life experience, plus all the interviews for his book series, has given him a unique capacity to notice some profound truths buried in the even the humblest life story; and just as importantly, the skills to pass that wisdom on with integrity, empathy and great big slabs of gut-busting humour.


Resilience Through Innovation, Disruption and Changing Regulations 

SUITABLE FOR: Restructures, Mergers & Acquisitions, Businesses Needing Their People to Collaborate Better While Embracing New Software, New Business Models, New Premises, New CEO or Senior Management, Innovation, Recruitment, Sectors Under Threat From Disruptive Business Models

THEMES – Change, Innovation, Future, Collaboration, Leadership

This keynote is perfect for:

  • Sectors being bombarded by the need to adapt to new technologies
  • Businesses feeling battered by constantly changing regulations
  • Companies in the middle of change programs being resisted by their employees
  • Sectors buffeted by the constant appearance of distrupted new business models
  • Leaders needing to convince their people of the benefits (sometimes even the need for) new systems and structures
  • Conference organisers wanting to energise and inspire delegates and get them to open up to the nuts and bolts of the rest of the agenda

WHAT I WISH I KNEW ABOUT SUCCESS – Closing Keynote, After Dinner Speech

1000 Inspirational Interviews in One Hilarious Hour

SUITABLE FOR: On last on the final day of the conference to send delegates home on a high, hilarious after dinner speech

THEMES – Motivation, Creativity, Peak Performance, Learning

Book This Program To:

• Give delegates a hilarious after dinner experience that has some powerful business and life advice too

• Wrap up a conference with high energy and inspiration

 • Close an event or dinner and send everyone home on a high


SELLING WITH STORIES – Keynote, Workshop (Also sold as INFLUENCING WITH STORIES to Government and/or Leadership groups)

Using Stories to Sell Your Products, Your Services and Even Yourself

SUITABLE FOR: Cynical Target Markets, industries where customers hate ‘selling’ - real estate, cars, phones, insurance, financial product, recruitment

THEMES – Sales, Confidence, Marketing, Engagement, Influence

Book This Program To:

• Fill your sales team with confidence

• Sell with connection and relationship rather than tricks & tactics

• Get your team over their fear and have them enjoy selling

Fee range:

Up to 5,000 GBP


Marty Wilson is someone I’ve seen perfectly nail the delicate balance of the MC’s true role – to orchestrate, not dominate; to give presenters a head start, not set them up on a high wire; and to mold an event into a continuous whole, rather than a series of set pieces. Marty seems effortless in his approach; his experience as a comic was honed in front of some of the toughest audiences in the world, and it shows. He’s great at putting the crowd at ease, pushing the boundaries to break down the walls, and getting audience members to connect with each other and to the speakers. He distills the meaning and the objective of an event, and accelerates the process of its participants getting there.

David Redhill, Global Chief Marketing Officer Deloitte Consulting

There is one thing I am more convinced about every day: the need for everyone in the Insurance Industry to embrace the constantly accelerating pace of change. On top of the technological innovations and disruptive business models that all companies have to deal with these days, Insurance is also at the mercy of the shifting sands of regulatory bodies. It’s no wonder so many of our members feel exhausted by it all. I particularly enjoyed Marty’s approach to change management, because he started with how we all feel about it. He explained that systems and processes have to be implemented by human beings with hearts and minds, doubts and fears. Importantly, Marty uses well-researched case studies and scientific data, but he also illustrates all his content with deeply personal stories and hilarious anecdotes to make sure even the most ardent cynic gets on board. And they did. I’d recommend Marty to any industry or organisation facing significant change, particularly those in the Insurance and Finance Sector.

Dallas Booth, Chief Executive Officer - National Insurance Brokers Association

Marty delivers an inspiring wake up call to your people, but because his content is delivered wrapped up in so much humour, the audience gets a good shake up but has a great time getting it. They think they’re being entertained, but at the same time you can see some of Marty’s messages having impact on their attitudes. It’s fiendishly clever and a barrel load of fun. I’d recommend Marty Wilson to any business event wanting to know how to stay resilient and motivated in the ever changing world that is modern business.

Dr. Lance Emerson, Chief Executive Officer, The Pharmaceutical Society

There are two types of speakers: those who have well-researched, actionable content that has a lasting impact on your people, and those who are incredibly motivating & entertaining. With Marty Wilson you get both. He inspired everyone at our event with some deeply challenging, well thought through strategies for how to stay resilient in the face of relentless change, and he had us in stitches for an hour. I’d strongly recommend Marty for any conference where you want to educate, motivate and give your people a great time.

Michael Ryan - Vice President, American Express

I've have known Marty for over 15 years. As someone who works in Career Management, I know how many people feel bludgeoned by the relentless pace of change in business today. That's why I think every organisation needs some time with Marty Wilson. He quickly gets the audience to laugh out loud at our fear of change, then ends up having us accept it and even enthusiastically embrace it. If you're people are fighting what you know has to happen, get Marty Wilson.

Rob Moore Managing Director at The Career Management Organisation, Edinburgh

The light hearted yet thoughtful approach was the highlight of the conference. We are delighted with the extremely positive feedback we have had.

Debra Cerasa, CEO of the Royal College of Nurses

Marty kept the entire evening moving along with his humour, while maintaining the focus on the fund raising purpose of the function. He read the night well, kept everyone engaged and he made an important contribution to the success of the evening.

Max Gosling, CEO of Cure Cancer

While Marty Wilson is a seriously funny guy, he is also a truly dynamic and thought provoking speaker. His content is thoroughly researched and built upon sharing through the lives of many, which really sets him apart from all other speakers.

John Paul Pullicino, Commercial Lead - Global Brands, Pfizer