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Michael Hudson

Michael Hudson

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Michael Hudson is one of the world's leading economists.


Michael acts as an economic advisor to governments worldwide including Greece, Iceland, Latvia and China on finance and taxation.


Michael Hudson is President of The Institute for the Study of Long-Term Economic Trends (ISLET), a Wall Street Financial Analyst, Distinguished Research Professor of Economics at the University of Missouri, Kansas City and author of Killing the Host (2015), The Bubble and Beyond (2012), Super-Imperialism: The Economic Strategy of American Empire (1968 & 2003), Trade, Development and Foreign Debt (1992 & 2009) and of The Myth of Aid (1971), amongst many others.

ISLET engages in research regarding domestic and international finance, national income and balance-sheet accounting with regard to real estate, and the economic history of the ancient Near East. 

Michael is the former balance-of-payments for the Chase Manhattan Bank, Arthur Andersen, the Hudson Institute and Scudder and Stevens & Clarks, specialising in exchange rates and international finance.

Michael gives presentations on various topics at conferences and meetings including international finance and also domestic finance and tax policy.

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