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Professor Valerie Gibson

Professor Valerie Gibson

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Valerie is a leading physicist.


Valerie is currently the UK Spokesperson for the LHCb experiment at the Large Hadron Collider in CERN, Geneva. She gained her doctorate in Experimental Particle Physics from Queen's College Oxford and has previously held a physics fellowship at CERN, a 5 year SERC Advanced Fellowship, the Stokes Senior Research Fellowship at Pembroke College Cambridge and a Leverhulme Trust Royal Society Fellowship. She has now published more than 300 papers on aspects of High Energy Physics.


Professor Valerie Gibson, Professor of High Energy Physics at the University of Cambridge, has been recognised numerous times for her academic excellence and for championing female talent in science.

She is one of the world’s leading scientists and physicists, being the Head of High Energy Physics at Cambridge. Valerie has also been a Physics fellowship at CERN, as well as a five-year SERC Advanced Fellowship, a Stokes Senior Research Fellowship at Cambridge’s Pembroke College, and a Leverhulme Trust Royal Society Fellowship.  Valerie has now published more than 300 academic papers on high-energy physics.

Despite her bodacious academic skill and prestige, Valerie still takes time to champion females in science. Valerie views this as a duty that she must take on, encouraging the younger women in their careers – academic or work – that it is possible to excel. In 2013, Valerie was the winner of the WISE Leader award in 2013. They are quoted saying that Valerie is “a pioneering woman in physics, who has made a significant difference to the position of female scientists not just in her own university but is also investigating barriers affecting the pipeline of female talent coming through the wider education system”.

Valerie is renowned for her co-discovery of direct CP symmetry violation – an important finding which sheds light on the very existence of matter in our universe. This makes her one of the UK’s leading female scientists, and a superb science communicator with numerous media appearances

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