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Ravi Chaudhry

Ravi Chaudhry
Ravi Chaudhry
Ravi Chaudhry
Ravi Chaudhry
Ravi Chaudhry

Best known for:

Ravi Chaudhry is best known for his transformational dialogues with CEOs, corporate Boards, Family enterprises and government leaders, on "Navigating the Leadership Challenge During and Beyond COVID-19", and help you "SHAPE YOUR FUTURE BEFORE IT SHAPES YO


Ravi, a former Chairman of Tata Group companies, is an author, speaker, mentor, and strategy advisor to corporations, civil society, governments, and families, on 'asking the right questions, and nurturing a new AWARENESS to revamp strategy'. A fellow of World Business Academy, he is the founder Chairman of CeNext Consulting Group.


Ravi is a mechanical engineer, with decades of grassroots experience, first in managing factories, setting up new plants, and global marketing, and later in leading boards, building agile organizations, and fostering a culture of perpetual innovation.

His keynote addresses, leadership workshops, and exclusive Board Retreats (webinars and live), typically encompass the following key issues:

  • REVITALIZE LEADERSHIP and STRATEGY: Infuse a new level of Awareness and Curiosity, instill a new mind-set and heart-set, re-build an Agile Organisation, and create a culture of perpetual innovation.
  • DISCOVER YOUR HIGHEST POTENTIAL and re-invent yourself as a person, as a leader.
  • REJUVENATE CORPORATE BOARDS, pursue a Transformational Initiative to re-define Purpose, with non-negotiable values. 

His clients include many Fortune 100 companies, as well as Governments of Switzerland, Turkey, Brazil, Austria, Norway, Canada, Germany, and the Netherlands.


Ravi Chaudhry has been addressing major global conferences as keynote speaker, session chairman, panel moderator, or lead discussant, for over two decades, in over 25 countries. A strong proponent of responsible leadership in business and society, he also conducts exclusive board retreats, and workshops, on a wide spectrum of subjects:

Leadership and Coping with Future:

  • Exceptional Leadership in the Next Decade: The journey from ‘leadership base camp’ to the Summit of Exceptional Leadership.
  • Gathering Insights on Technology, Trends and Risks in the Next Decade
  • The Essence of an Agile Organization: How it helps Navigate the Future
  • Must-have Leadership Traits to Cope with Future

Personal Growth:

  • Discover the Treasure within You: Unveil your Strengths and Potential 
  • Quality of Conversation: The Key to Perpetual Creativity and Innovation 
  • The Magic of Mindfulness: Experience the summit of Awareness.
  • Quest for Purpose, Meaning and Happiness

Good Governance:

  • Public Sector’s Key Role: As a Catalyst for Social Innovation
  • Four C’s of Good Governance: Collaboration, Curiosity, Creativity and Communication
  • SDGs – An Intrinsic Component of Responsible Governance: Sensitizing Policy Formulation and Implementation

He has delivered lectures at several global summits and conferences: IMD Switzerland; Club of Rome; Conference Board USA; Global Economic Summit Germany; Berlin Round Table Dialogues, Bled Strategic Forum Slovenia, Asian Leadership Summit, Kuala Lumpur; Institute of Directors World Congress; Summit of The Minds, Chamonix; Global Technology Summit, China etc. 

He continues to be on the Boards of Several companies and institutions, including: Advisory Board of Ethical Markets USA; Co-Chair, EthicMark Judges Panel USA; Member, New Civilization Entrepreneurship Initiative, Japan, and Executive Committee of Federation of Indian Chambers of Commerce and Industry. He has also been a part of the Club of Rome Initiative for Ethics in the 21st Century.


His book, “Quest for Exceptional Leadership: Mirage to Reality”, has been globally acclaimed as “the best book on leadership in years and a rare combination of sound business thinking and accessible philosophy.” He deftly outlines the emergence of a new fifth phase of human enterprise, redefining the criteria of success and re-configuring the routes to success.

A wise and practical book. Business leaders will find it ‘a gentle guide’ and a source of conviction that we need a new paradigm of leadership.  - World Business Academy, USA  

Mr Chaudhry seeks to change the world by transforming business leaders. Don Quixote didn’t manage to change the world but the world would be poorer if people like him didn’t try. - Business Standard, India

A terrific book - very much enjoyed the insights. - Dominic Barton, Former Global  Managing  Director, Mckinsey & Co

He is presently writing a book that deals with issues relating to “Reinventing Democracy and humanizing Capitalism”.

Snapshot of his thoughts

  • Business objectives and society's needs tend to be like the two tracks of a railway line. Looking ahead, they appear to converge in the distance; in reality, they never do. This is no longer sustainable. The only choice is: accept the new reality grudgingly or willingly.
  • What you know should never become an imprediment in being open to what you do not know.
  • The crunch question is: if you seek only shareholder value and wealth, then these thoughts are not pertinent. But if you are looking for sustainable wealth and sustainable happiness, for you and all others around you, then these concepts are relevant, remembering that 'Life is not a matter of "having more", but 'being' more'. That is why we are called Human Beings, not Human Havings!
  • The obstacles to growth lie within you - not outside.


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Would like to thank you most sincerely for your valuable contribution. Your views and profound insights into the topics addressed helped create a vibrant and lively debate.

Karl Erjavec, Former Deputy Prime Minister, Slovenia

The board intensely enjoyed the discussion – and your extremely valuable inputs and thoughts

Oliver Zipse, Chairman of the Board, BMW

The thoughts, insights and views you have shared with us have really made a strong impact. They will be guiding us in our process of defining our regional strategies. We would feel honored if you were to further accompany us on this journey.

Martin Brudermueller, Vice Chairman of the Board , BASF

Ravi is one of the profoundest thinkers on leadership. He has an eclectic approach that combines sound economics with profound philosophy. He can bring light, perspective and prescription. He has a great message and knows well how to articulate it.

Former Emeritus Professor, IMD, Switzerland