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Ray Hammond

Ray Hammond

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Ray Hammond is Europe's most experienced futurist and keynote speaker on future topics and has over 35 years' experience.


For over 35 years Ray Hammond has researched, written, spoken and broadcast about how major trends will affect society and business in the future.


As a futurist (or futurologist, if you prefer the European term), Ray Hammond is a business speaker who provides keynote speeches, workshops and seminars for the world's major companies, for governments and for NGOs.

He is often asked to present an inspirational keynote address on the future at either the opening or closing of a conference or similar event.

When an event organizer wants to lift an audience, to get an event off to a rousing and exciting start - or to close it with an upbeat and stimulating message - Ray Hammond provides a view of the future which is both visionary and of practical use in a business environment.

His current topics include:

  • The Seven Key Drivers of The Future: World Population Growth, Climate Change, The Looming Energy Crisis, the World's Poorest Billion, Globalization, Accelerating Exponential Technology Development and the Prevent-Extend model of new medicine.
  • Social Media: How Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, etc. have become important new spaces for business and social interaction
  • The Awakening of the Global Brain: Are Google and the other search engines showing the first sign of artificial intelligence? 
  • The Technological Singularity: What happens when computers are as clever as humans, and what happens when they are many times more clever?
  • The Virtual Ape: Why humans love virtual business and social interactions and why Homo Sapiens is about to become Homo Virtualis
  • The Mobile Data Revolution: What extended networks, hybrid networks and broadband mobile will do for your organisation
  • Generating and Capturing 'Business Process Intellectual Capital' Within Your Organization

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