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Ronan Harrington

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Ronan is a visionary thinker on how organisations can develop at the psychological and cultural level to move from overwhelm to adaptation.


Ronan is the Founder of Alter Ego, a global network of influential business and political leaders who are pioneering transformative change in organisations and society. In his powerfully honest talks, he shares memorable leadership stories of his successes and failures in bringing transformational change to major organisations. This includes becoming a lead futurist to the British Foreign Office at the age of 25 and one of the youngest executives in the City of London at the age of 27. He speaks, world-wide, on Resilience and Change, Health and Well-being, Adapting to Digital Transformation, Change Management, Employee Engagement, Understanding Millennials.


"You don't solve your problems, you outgrow them."

With the emergence of mindfulness and vulnerabilty in the workplace, there is a growing demand for developmental thinking: how humans can grow individually and collectively to meet the challenges of our time. Ronan is a leading expert in the space having founded Alter Ego, a global network of influential leaders who are pioneering psychological and cultural development in organisations and society.

Prior to this, Ronan has experienced a prodigious rise to global leadership:

  • At 23, he became one of the youngest Fellows of the Royal Society of the Arts;
  • at 24, he was Head of Innovation at a global creative agency;
  • at 25, he was a lead futurist to the British Foreign Office;
  • at 26, he received a Masters in Public Policy from Balliol College and the Oxford School of Government;
  • at 27, he was one of youngest executives in the City of London, as Director of Futures, Strategy and Animation of a global firm;
  • at 28, he founded Alter Ego, a global network of leaders who are pioneering transformational change in society. 

Ronan is visionary thinker on the future of organisations and societies, offering compelling talks on where we are going and who we must become.


Resilience and Change; Health and Well-being; Adapting to Digital Transformation; Change Management; Employee Engagement; Understanding Millennials

Ronan's talks are powerfully honest. Audiences leave with an understanding of how they can manage their own stress and overwhelm, whilst creating resilient cultures that promote mindfulness, vulnerability and personal growth.

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I first met Ronan when he spoke at the Managing Partners’ Forum Strategy Summit in March 2019 and was I completely inspired by his amazing resilience and ability to bounce back. He imparted much food for thought surrounding mindfulness and useful techniques to prevent and overcome adversity. A very entertaining speaker and great guy to know.

Lee Pearce, Senior Relationship Manager, AIB

Ronan certainly knows how to grab the attention of his audience and take them with him on a journey of discovery and discussion. Never shying from the important elements within a topic, he provides a group safe space to voice opinions and work constructively towards a valuable and commercially relevant outcome.

Clint Evans, Director of Brand and Talent, Reynolds Porter Chamberlain

One of the most powerful speakers out there, a unique ability to communicate complex ideas.

Director, Theama Think Tank, Akram Khan Company

Ronan is one of the most inspiring and touching speakers I know. He truly holds the audience in his hands.

Josef Lentsch - Director, NEOS Political Innovation Lab