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Shed Simove

Sheridan Simove
Sheridan Simove
Shed Simove
Shed Simove
Shed Simove

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Shed Simove is best known for being a product innovator, marketing genius, maverick entrepreneur and The Ideas Man.


Shed is a hysterical entertainer, business speaker, perpetual entrepreneur, and motivational performer. Shed Simove’s expertise in creativity, innovation and idea generation inspires significant, profitable changes that equip audiences with the tools to generate new ideas for increased sales and opportunity.


Shed Simove is a business speaker, perpetual marketer, and motivational performer whose inspiring talks showcase his business insights, methods for sales growth, tips for creative thinking and his own entrepreneurial journeys, that give any company practical advice to increase their bottom line.

He believes that in failing upward by launching numerous ideas and learning from the amazing experiences they bring, which become the basis of his books, humorous presentations and corporate speeches on creativity and innovation.

Shed is known as ‘The Ideas Man’, he shares concrete techniques for any audience looking for practical, innovation methods to energise their organisation to think differently and focus on obtaining huge success. His range and rate of achievement is vast which makes his performances wonderfully motivational and brilliantly entertaining.

Shed believes that “when an idea pops into your head, it can send you on amazing adventures, if you follow the idea through.” He has forged a highly innovative merchandising empire – creating conceptual gifts, executive toys, best-selling adult sweets, books, greeting cards, and even his own currency.

Shed has sold over one million novelty gifts world-wide and has won ‘Gift Of The Year’ twice. Shed’s ability to create new ideas, couples with his skill to make them happen, mean that his range and rate of success is vast – and thus his performances are wonderfully motivational and brilliantly entertaining.

Shed travels the world delivering inspirational keynote speeches to clients such as eBay, ITV, Unilever and Tesco. Whether as an after-dinner speaker for a small event or a professional performer that makes every conference memorable. Shed will captivate your audience with his in-depth knowledge of experimental psychology and own experiences as an ‘Ideas Man’.

His talks showcase his uniquely amazing career path, using props and multi-media visuals that add to the engaging, exciting and funny stories he tells. All of Shed’s speeches can be tailored to suit the audience to deliver a truly compelling, uniquely memorable, fascinating, one-off performance.

Topic areas

  • Revealing how to reach success in product innovation
  • Creative sales and guerrilla marketing through experimenting with your wildest ideas.

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Every so often, a speaker 'owns' the stage and 'wows' the audience! His contagious humor, charisma and attractive content, engaged our audience and ended up in a standing ovation. Shed’s performance is a mixture of a valuable insights, inspiring stories and out of the box business strategies, all wrapped up in a memorable stand up performance!

Valerija Prevolšek - Sempl Media Trends Conference

Shed checked each item and slide with me beforehand. I host these events on a regular basis and the attention that Shed gave to ensure his presentation aligned to key messages was very impressive. He showed genuine interest to the audience which was completely endearing. And Shed’s engagement with the audience afterwards was a talking point for many weeks.

Colette Wall - Development Manager, Tesco

‘Less talk and more action’ is the name of Shed’s game, as he goes through countless number of practical tips on idea generation, and how to execute them as well. There are thousands of ideas practically staring you in the face, all you need is a bit of ‘Shed inspiration’ to be the catalyst and kick it all off!

Desigan Chinniah, eBay UK