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Simon Alexander Ong

Simon Alexander Ong
Simon Alexander Ong
Simon Alexander Ong

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Simon Alexander Ong is best known for igniting people's imagination of what is truly possible so that they can live meaningful, purposeful and extraordinary lives.


Everything that Simon Alexander Ong does is built around inspiring people to see their world differently and igniting their imagination of what is truly possible so that they can live meaningful, purposeful and extraordinary lives.


From a young age, Simon Alexander Ong has always been curious about learning and exploring the areas of personal fulfilment, human potential and organisational success. This curiosity was accelerated following his departure from the financial industry, in which he began his career in following graduation from the London School of Economics. Studying the mindset and habits of successful leaders and organisations, Simon enjoys distilling his insights into lessons that can be easily understood and codifying the key principles that have had the biggest impact. 

He shares his insights, lessons and wisdom with all who are committed to upgrading their life and business to that next level. He speaks at international events, conferences and corporate events that have included those organised by Google, London School Of Economics, Barclays UK, The Institute Of Directors, Virgin, Salesforce, 10 Downing Street, Natwest, Enterprise Nation and Microsoft. 

As a life coach and business strategist, Simon also helps leaders, entrepreneurs, organisations and celebrities to transcend perceived limitations and experience extraordinary transformations through the power of insight, perspective and energy management.

Simon's views, from his work as a coach and speaker, has seen him featured in a wide range of publications that include the likes of The Financial Times, Women's Health, HuffPost, Cosmopolitan, Forbes, Virgin StartUp and Harvard Business Review. He has also been interviewed on LBC radio's Business Hour show, BBC London Radio and for a Barclays UK advert on good financial habits that people can embrace in their daily lives.  

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Simon was rated as "the best" out of all the speakers by the audience, which comes as no surprise. Simon's storytelling and his ability to inspire and motivate is absolutely exceptional and I very much hope to have Simon back again.

Elena Sinel, Founder and CEO, Acorn Aspirations

Simon is a brilliant motivational speaker, he really gets the audience thinking outside of the box and they always leave his talks feeling motivated and energised. We would highly recommend getting Simon along to an event of any size, he's great with small, focused audiences and large audiences too.

Emma Greenfield, Enterprise Nation

It was a true pleasure to invite Simon to come and speak about Purposeful Leadership at Salesforce in London. He was recommended to me by an entrepreneur friend and I fully recommend him as a speaker, advisor and storyteller. His talk at Salesforce has honestly generated incredibly positive and encouraging feedback amongst employees and attendees, many of which were left wanting more. The breadth and depth of stories that Simon has to illustrate his many nuggets of knowledge are a pleasure to listen to, remember and apply in daily life. Simon, congratulations on an amazing talk and, on behalf of us here at Salesforce London, thank you for enlightening us!

Cyrus Hessabi, Salesforce