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Somi Arian

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Somi is a filmmaker, entrepreneur and a millennial engagement specialist. She recently released her documentary "The Millennial Disruption", which was featured on BBC5Live.


Somi is a LinkedIn Top Voice. She has given talks to senior executives of companies such as BBC, Morgan Stanley, General Mills, Jimmy Choo, Century Link, Vogue House, Vanity Fair and many others. She is also speaking at Adweek 2019.


Somi Arian is a Filmmaker, Millennial Engagement Specialist, the Founder of Smart Cookie Media and Co-Founder of Career Drive. 

During her MPhil research in Political Philosophy at St Andrews University, Somi became interested in the impact of technology on the society and how habits are formed in the digital native generation. 

From 2010 to 2015 Somi produced a number of films and documentaries including over a hundred episodes of a highly popular reality show about the British culture for a leading London-based Middle Eastern channel. 

Bringing together her knowledge of the entertainment industry and her research on the digital native generation, Somi endeavours to bridge the gap between the millennials and Gen Z with established brands. 

Somi and her team have produced content for Steinway, Bentley, Savile Row and JP Morgan, to name but a few. In September 2018 Somi released "The Millennial Disruption" documentary. The film sheds light on the impact of the internet on millennials and what this means to the businesses of our time. Somi’s documentary was featured on BBC 5 Live, where it was referred to as a disruptive piece in its very approach. 

In 2018 Somi got together with an MD of a Fortune 100 company to build a platform called Career Drive. The platform contains 67 episodes of a mini-drama series, followed by a Gogglebox-esque discussion forum, focused on millennials workplace behaviour.  

Somi is currently chosen as a LinkedIn Top Voice of 2018 and continues to inspire company leaders to engage with millennials and Gen Z, both in marketing and in Human Resources.  

Speaker topics: 

Millennial engagement in marketing: bridging the gap between established brands and the largest generation on earth.

Millennial engagement in the workforce:  How to create intrapreneurs within your organisation? For both millennials and the decision makers that manage them.  

Understanding the power of LinkedIn

Content Creation

The digital landscape 

Consumer behaviour 

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Somi is very impressive--strong but kind, and thoroughly professional.

Ingrid Jacoby, Steinway Artist

It was a pleasure to work with Somi on the Savile Row Bespoke project. She produced a fantastic film 'The Bespoke Process' which highlighted the work that is involved in the production of a bespoke garment and also provided invaluable insight into the practical issues experienced by trainees in the work environment. She displayed care and understanding throughout the process and was able to support the brand's heritage at the same time as being imaginative with new concepts.

Su Thomas, Manager, Savile Row Bespoke Association