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Alan Dedicoat

Alan Dedicoat is an English announcer for programmes on BBC One and BBC Radio 2; he is probably best known as the "Voice of the Balls" on the National Lottery programmes on BBC One.
Alan Dedicoat is known to millions of viewers as 'The Voice of the Balls', providing instant commentary for the National Lottery Draw, he is also the voice of Strictly Come Dancing.
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David Bateson

Award winning voice of God announcer, actor and presenter. The face and voice of Agent 47 in IOI’s HITMAN, a AAA (Triple A) computer game franchise for the last 23 years.
With 42 years experience as Voice of God (VOG), awards host and presenter David Bateson’s voice is known for its authoritative grandeur, empathy and intimacy with just a twinkle of humour. He has received numerous awards including Outstanding National TV Promo, Voice Arts Awards 2014 New York, Outstanding Live Event Announcer (Voice of God) and One Voice Awards 2022, London.
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Roger Tilling

Roger Tilling is best known for being the leading British voiceover artist, television announcer and broadcaster.
Roger Tilling is one of the most well-known and trusted voices on British television being a Voice of God. He is the legendary voice of BBC’s University Challenge, the world’s longest-running TV quiz, pronouncing names like Rubio-Gorrochategui, Tyszczuk-Smith, Garčević, Bhattacharya, Warnakulasuriya, Drnovšek-Zorko and Papaphilippopulos at lightning speed.