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Margaret Mizen

Margaret Mizen
Margaret Mizen
Margaret Mizen

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Margaret Mizen MBE together with her husband Barry, founded For Jimmy.


Margaret Mizen came to national attention in 2008 when her 16-year-old son Jimmy was murdered in south-east London. In the immediate aftermath, Margaret spoke of compassion for his killer rather than revenge and promised not to be beaten by Jimmy’s death, believing that something good would come from it.


Drawing strength from her Catholic faith, she has since worked tirelessly with young people across the country, sharing Jimmy’s story in schools, pupil referral units, prisons and youth offending institutes. 

Through the work of the charity For Jimmy, Margaret and her husband Barry have created a flagship school programme that inspires individual responsibility in young people; and challenges them to work for safe, more peaceful communities.

‘It was a privilege listening to the sad story and appreciate how positive they were in encouraging peace, tolerance and forgiveness’

‘Students felt encouraged to become agents of change to ensure that our society is a safer and better place to live and work.’

In 2013, Margaret and Barry were awarded MBE’s for services to young people in London; and in 2014, Margaret was awarded an honorary degree from the University of Greenwich for her work in public service both locally and nationally. Margaret is currently a Pro Chancellor at St Mary’s University Twickenham and along with her husband Barry they voice their story at panel discussions, conferences, faith and non faith groups across the country. In 2013 Margaret supported Prince Charles to launch his Step Up To Serve #IWill Campaign, working to increase the number of 10 to 20 year olds participating in social action; recognize the contribution young people make to their local communities. In the same year Margaret spoke at the 25th Anniversary of Crimestoppers at the Houses of Parliament, invited by Lord Ashcroft, and also at their annual dinner in 2017, again invited by Lord Ashcroft.

‘I often reflect on the bravery and courage shown by Barry & Margaret mizen, whose teenage son Jimmy was murdered in 2008. The Mizen's are convinced- as I have been for the past 40 years- that part of the solution is in providing more structured activities for young people'

Ten years on from Jimmy’s death, Margaret continues to promote Jimmy’s legacy of forgiveness, peace and hope in his memory; for Margaret peace is not a destination but a journey.

Margaret and her husband Barry speak individually and also together on stage to a wide variety of audiences corporate, public sector, schools, colleges, universities and third sector organisations.

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